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Competition is everywhere along with this there’s competition in the hosting market as well. Since 2003, Arvixe maintained the first position in the hosting market for reliability, affordability and supported features. With so many awards in their pocket they are maintaining their glory and people are rushes everyday to purchase arvixe hosting for their personalized and professional looking website. We all love to avail coupon for whatever we purchase. You are probably roaming here and there for Arvixe coupon code. Don’t worry there’s a great news for you. You will receive utmost discount or coupon code if you follow our referral link. If you follow our referral link you will receive up to 60% discount. Stay tuned to learn more about Arvixe.


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4. Enter you billing information and personal information and if you want you can add additional information or add-ons.
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The main motto of Arvixe is that “Arvixe will put the freedom of the World Wide Web at the fingertips of every client”. Since 2003, Arvixe is working hard and soul to make their hosting company the number one. They received many awards from the Web Hosting Geeks or Inc Magazine for their relentless service in the hosting market since 2003. They also received many awards for the highest uptime server, Best ASP.Net hosting and also for best Hyper-V VPS Hosting. Arvixe is maintaining a balanced management which is ensuring affordable pricing list to its customers so that they can attain their level of satisfaction by using specific project requirements without any obvious hassle. Based on the state California, the Company has many categories of their own. They have plans for personal usage, business class, reseller, dedicated server and also VPS class. Three words comprises of arvixe is that unmatched reliability, quality and affordability.

Advantages of using Arvixe

99% Guaranteed Uptime

This is one of the important features that you needed to have in your pocket. If you are running a website than the most crucial thing be like you can’t be offline. If you do so, than you will lose many of your customer and also your sales will turn up to be doomed. Arvixe is offering the guaranteed 99.9% uptime so that you never lag behind in your work.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are feeling insecure about using the Arvixe hosting than you can make refund of your amount what you have spent within 60 days of your purchase. No queries will arise against your actions and this type of service is rare now-a-days.

Free website Transfer

Whenever you are moving your website arvixe is there to help you in your most needed time. They will assist you and will make sure that they are transferring your whole set of data without any dilemma. And the exciting part they won’t charge you any fees for this service. Even you don’t have to be more dramatic in working with arvixe. It’s so simple and trouble free that you can easily sign up to your account just within a click.

SSL certificate

If you are maintaining an e-commerce website than SSL certificate is a much needed thing. To maintain a balance between each activity you need to take proper care of your website. Safe and secure environment is provided which ensures reliability. Speed factor is also a major part which is also quite convenient with such an affordable pricing.

Technical support

Facing trouble at the time of installation, no worries, Arvixe’s technical support is stand by in your dire time. You will be provided non-stop support to make your work effortless.


Personal Plan & Pricing

Arvixe web hosting first plan is their personal web hosting which is a favorite to the people whom just began their website for personal issues or for your managing business. Since 2003, arvixe is serving people with Linux shared web hosting with an affordable price range and also unmatched reliability. Either you wanted to host WordPress or Drupal they all can run Linux web hosting. Arvixe is also providing world class high quality windows hosting plan. There are two divisions in the personal plan. One is Personal Class ASP and other one is Personal Class Pro hosting. The basic difference between these two is the pricing and the domain these serves. Personal Class includes 6 websites domain for the price of $4 and the Personal Class Pro contains unlimited domains for the price of $7. You can also get unlimited data storage, unlimited data transfer and also free lifetime domain name. You can also add priority support for the price of $20 a month and SSL certificate for the price of $25 a year.

Business hosting Plan and Pricing

By the word business it’s clear that if you wanted to establish your business you can go for the Business hosting plan. To create a safe, secure and grown up business you can purchase the Business Class hosting by $22 a month but you can get unlimited domain website if you upgrade to Business Class Pro hosting plan and it will cost you only $35 a month.

Reseller Hosting Plan and Pricing

Reseller class basically means that you wanted to sell our well known award winning hosting. You can eventually sell Arvixe hosting plans and can manage it without any hard and soul knowledge. In the reseller class you will receive 500GB data transfer limitation and 50GB disk space and the price is only $20 a month. If you upgrade to Reseller Class pro than you can get 200GB of disk space and also 2000GB of data transfer facilities at a price of $50 per month.
WHM control panel is so easy to use that you can effortlessly create a hosting account by giving username, password and a domain name. Both division of service includes free domain name for life and also free SSL certificate.

VPS Class Hosting Plan & Pricing

VPS class eventually means your own virtual private server. In this class you can get awesome work quality of the dedicated servers. You can own your own server and also you can get the facilities of the dedicated server. VPS class hosting was designed between the shared hosting and the dedicated server. By spending $40 a month you can get full management, 50GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1.5 memory, 4 CPU cores and 2 IP addresses in the VPS Class. If you wanted to spend a bit more than you can get 100GB disk space, full management, unlimited Data transfer, 3 memory, 8 CPU cores and 2 IP addresses in VPS Class Pro. VPS Class Pro will cost you $70 a month. Extra space, priority support, R1 soft backup and additional RAM per GB, all these add-ons are available in the VPS Class.

Dedicated Server Plan & Pricing

Dedicated server class is introduced for those who wanted to get the best out of their hosting plan. This services starts from $128 a month to $357.5 a month. If you want economical server with low traffic need then you can go for cloud hosting. It usually starts from $108.
According to the context we can conclude that Arvixe Web hosting is one of the best hosting company now-a-days. Arvixe ensures huge uptime with reliable network source to it’s customers.

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