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A website may contain high quality content but it will not get ranking unless it uses a good hosting. You have come here after solving the most confusing issues about which hosting company to choose from. We always love to get discounts whatsoever is our age or not. You are also here to look for any coupon code or discounts and let me tell you, you are obviously in the accurate place to suit your best desire. We will try to update you with special offers but your work is to visit here frequently so that you can keep yourself updated of the fact of discounts or savings which are provided by A small orange itself.

Here is A small orange coupon:

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How to Purchase A Small Orange Hosting:

  1. First of all choose our referral link to get the coupon code. You will be directed to the original website as well.
  2. Then choose a Hosting Plan and also the billing cycle. You can make billing per month basis or you can choose annual basis payment. Most exciting part you can also choose to pay for 2 years or 3 years as well.
  3. Enter your Domain name.
  4. After that enter your own information and also the billing details.
  5. There’s also some additional information where you can add some add-ons for your websites protection issues.
  6. If you have any coupon code or promo code than apply it on the coupon code box and you will receive discount instantly if there’s any available by the company itself.

A brief about a small orange:

Like its unique name A small orange, it’s also an astounding web hosting company. There is a clear cut difference between a small orange hosting with some other companies. A small orange believe, you should pay only for your requirement. So, they don’t offer you unwanted things to make you confused. Sometimes you may want to buy some traditional unlimited plan but a small orange says, this unlimited plan actually needs some costly upgrade and so before buying any plans try to do some research of your own.

A small orange is dedicated to their entire community including the employer and employee. Integrity is the main issues for AOS. They will handle each member’s words with humble integrity. You will be given the friendliest assistance which will suit your best yearning.


People’s choice differs from each other. A small orange is providing different hosting plans to suit your best desire.

Shared hosting:

With the high quality enterprise class hardware and RAID protected configuration shared hosting comprises with high speed and reliability. A free website will be in your pocket with the weebly website builder.

Shared hosting sub types:

Yearly package: (Tiny plan)

Tiny plan is only at $35.you need to pay once yearly for tiny Plan. This plan included 500MB storage, 5GB bandwidth and 1 domain. It package also gives you 24/7 live chat and email support.

Monthly package:

1.Small plan:

This plan is loved by most of the people. Price is also very low. You can buy it only at $5/per month. Features are very rich in this package. It gives 5GB storage, 50GB bandwidth, unlimited domain facilities. Like tiny plan, you will also get email and live chat option.

2.Medium plan:

At $10/month you will get 15GB storage along with 150GB bandwidth, unlimited domain, live chat and email. You won’t get the free domain unless you sign up for a yearly subscription plan.

3.Large plan:

At $20 /per month this package is very much enriched by its features. This package provides 30GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, live chat support, unlimited domain and email service. Again the same thing will apply in this case; you won’t receive the free domain version unless you sign up for a yearly subscription.


Semi dedicated hosting:

Enjoy the features of almost same as dedicated hosting. This hosting is highly suitable for your use. Semi dedicated package is easily up-gradable. It’s very easy to use. You can move your website into next level by this hosting.

Subtypes of Semi dedicated hosting:

  1. Starter package: $60/per month
  2. Standard package: $80/per month
  3. Professional package: $100/per month

Business hosting:

If you want to start an e-commerce site or a site where you will get large number of traffic then business hosting is for you. A small orange is offering Payment Card Industry’s data security to standards, which ensures standard security measurement. SSL certificate is ensured to give proper security of payment and other sensitive data. You will get free SSL certificate in any of their packages you buy.

Sub-types of Business hosting:

  1. Start up package: at $20/per month
  2. Small package: at $40/per month
  3. Large package: at $60/per month.

You will also get free 2 months hosting if you are choosing the payment method annually.

Dedicated hosting:

If you want to enjoy the ultimate hosting experience then go for dedicated hosting and enjoy the limitless customization. Dedicated hosting is very much secure in every aspect. You will be provided with 5 dedicated IP addresses, super fast RAID-1 server and also providing easy installation of Cpanel. Cpanel and WHM are providing you easy installation, up to date software, easy backups and more other facilities. The active management team is helping relentlessly to you small to big desires or problems.

Price of dedicated hosting:

  1. Starter: at $125/month
  2. Standard: at$135/month
  3. Professional: at $175/month
  4. Ultimate: at $275/month

Cloud VPS hosting:

Cloud VPS has enterprise quality system, free backups and first class hardware. For dynamic customization they are offering Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technique. It also ensures that you will receive no unauthorized data log in and also service from data breaching. Automatic migration and fail over tools makes Cloud VPS the most impressive one hosting plan.

Reseller hosting:

If you want to be an entrepreneur then a small orange gives the opportunity. You can buy hosting from here and resell it to your client. Features depend on price.

Price of reseller hosting:

  1. Small: at $15/month
  2. Medium: at $25/month
  3. Large: at $35/month

A little word about their customer service:

Their customer service is top class. All of their customer service stuffs are highly professional and technically best. Their 24/7/365 service will make your hosting experience an excellent one.

Now you have got a brief idea about a small orange hosting. My suggestion would be to go for A small orange hosting as they are providing premium quality with excellent support.

SiteGround Coupon Code 2020 – Max Discount Guaranteed!

Getting exhausted for searching siteGround coupon code? Then no more hunt. Already you have reached the right place. Here you can get maximum discount on siteGround hosting. Actually there are no siteGround coupon codes for siteGround hosting. If any website offers Siteground coupon code then definitely it’s nothing but cheating. Without siteGround coupon code, still you can get guaranteed maximum discount on site ground hosting. You just need to click on the promo link and purchase your hosting package. We can give you up to 60% discount on regular price if you click our promo link.

Few words on SiteGround hosting:


If you are a passionate and very much aware about the security, wants almost 100% uptime of your website and technical support from the web hosting company then siteground is the right place for you. They can met your each and every requirements and make you a happy owner of your website. There user interface will amuse you. Their web security will give you a tension free web ownership.

Why siteground is different from others?

We don’t tell that, others web hosting companies are bad but siteGround is little bit different from them. Most of the companies pay attention only to the website’s speed but siteground pay attention both web speed and security. They believe, poor web security can spoil your hard work by a hacker. That’s why siteground gives highest security for your website. Their technical stuff work hard to prevent hacking. Security is the main concern and SiteGround actively works on this fact.


You will be given three package options where you can choose your desired one hosting plan.


First of all, understand what all the packages carry and what is suitable for you. Click onto the referral link which we have provided and you will be directed to the official website. Below brief about the three packages are given:

In startup package:

you will be given the facilities of 10000 visitors each month, free domain, free CloudFare CDN, 30 days money back guarantee and many a more services. For a newbie, this hosting is an angel. You can receive 60% discount if you follow our website referral link.

GrowBig package:

costs only $7.95 per month and it will provide you the premium features or more resources. People having a lots of websites usually wanted to hold account for hosting for different websites. The GrowBig packages mainly provide ultimate speed and also this one is featured with the Joomla & WordPress.

GoGeek package:

GoGeek package is especially featured for the heavily visited website where there’s load more traffic. It is best for the average sized e-commerce websites which have larger product line and this also includes server PCI compliance.


In the second step, click on the “get started” button after choosing the package and after that fill out the personal and payment information and you are done. Now you can enjoy your web hosting which is reliable and speedy.

SiteGround Hosting package:

SiteGround sell their hosting on four broad heading.

  1. Shared Web hosting.
  2. Cloud hosting.
  3. Dedicated Servers
  4. Reseller hosting

Few words about web hosting package and their price:

Shared Web hosting:

They can manage little number of visits to large number of unique visits. You can choose suitable package for your own blog, little business or growing online business even for large companies.


start up package:

If you are going to start a little business on online then this package is suitable for you. it will cost at $3.95 per month after using our promo link. If you are not using the promo link then you have to pay $9.95 monthly. This package provides single website, 10GB space and 10000 visits monthly.


Grow up package:

If you already decided to grow your business then go this package. It will cost $7.95 monthly. Without discount, price will be $14.95 monthly. This package supports multiple website, 20GB web space and 25000 visits monthly. This package is suitable if you want to enhance your business.


Go Geek package:

Package name says everything. It’s suitable for 100000 visits monthly. Package cost will be $14.95 monthly after discount by using our promo link. This package is suitable for multiple website and gives 30GB web space.


Cloud hosting package:

If you want ultra fast platform, daily backup, full managed servers and 24/7 VIP support then chooses their cloud hosting package. Their cloud hosting packages are in four categories. They are entry, businesses, business plus and enterprise. Their cloud hosting package starts from $54 to $126 per month. This price will be available only, if you click our Siteground promo link.


Dedicated Servers:

Though, dedicated servers are little bit costly than others hosting package but its best in its position. This package starts at $229 per month.


Reseller hosting package:

If you want to take siteground hosting as a business then reseller package is for you. Cost of this package is very low. You will get this package at $42 per year.

Joomla hosting package:

SiteGround also provide joomla hosting package. Joomla hosting package and price are same as the wordpress hosting package.

SiteGround is best for every web application:

Now a days, wordpress,joomla and magento are some popular web applications. SiteGround have special solution for these popular applications. You can choose any web application without any hesitation because siteGround can manage any of them.

What about customer’s opinion on siteGround hosting?

You will be amused after knowing the customers opinion. SiteGround obtain 4.97 rating out 5. All of their customers are happy to use siteGround hosting. You can choose siteground without any confusion because definitely it’s the ultimate web hosting solution. They treated their buyer very carefully and try to give 100% support from their side.

Is their customer support is best?

Yes! No doubt about their customer support center. They are very cooperative. They are 24/7 available for you. You can live chat with their customers support center. If you want to know any information like which package will be suitable for you then they will give you the perfect solution.

So if you want premium up time, speed, security, top data center and amazing interface then choose siteGround web hosting.


TMDHosting Coupon Code – Get Upto 50% Discount Now!

Web hosting is crucial in terms of building a website that will ensure the success of your uphill struggle. Different hosting plans are available to meet your special requirements. We have one hosting company in our mind that is maintaining a good harmony between the customer and its own maintained team. The company itself is providing 50% discount on a purchase of hosting plan for one year. You will find the discount code link through our referral bar. TMD hosting ensures lightening fast service with fully dedicated customer support and modules.Buy Tmdhosting with tmdhosting coupon code.


With only one data center facility, TMD hosting started its work on 2007. They expanded their data center Arizona, Texas and Illinois. They developed one data center also in Netherlands and hopping to do better in near future. Their operating management system is using cold airflow and reduced bypass airflow to the server cabinet to ensure green environment. They are proud to announce that they are environment friendly company.



The process of purchasing TMD hosting is quite usual and trouble-free. Below I will give a general idea about purchasing a plan. The rest of the plan purchasing process is almost same.

  1. Click on the recommended Bar and a significant new window of the official page will pop up. It will show you the offers and terms in that window to choose your desired product.
  2. In the fully managed shared hosting you will be given two options to choose from. One “Amazing Package” and another one is the “Unlimited Package”. You can choose anyone as per your requirements. After that click on the “Sign Up now”.
  3. Now if you are new then you need one domain name or you can get a free domain name with all plans. The cost of domain name is not covered by the money back guarantee. After choosing desired option you can proceed
  4. Now enter your personal information and method of payment. You can pay via Debit/Credit card or PayPal. Now choose your billing period. As we are talking about the shared hosting plan then you can choose from monthly, yearly, 2 yearly and 3 yearly.
  5. Now, you can choose the extra services which are provided by TMD hosting plan. If you have any active promo code you can apply at the last stage. Now press the Checkout button and you are ready to enjoy the best possible performance.


Hosting plans are made for the convenience of different kind of people. With the lowest possible rate they are engaging themselves in the main era of your success. Below we will try to discuss about hosting plan and the services that are providing.

Shared Web Hosting:

TMD is providing shared web hosting which is usually for the people who are the beginners in opening their own website. Shared web hosting costs $2.85 per month with the feature of high speed, free domain, free SSD, free daily backup and restore. If you are not a beginner then you can easily transfer your existing, zero downtown and free database compensation. You can also enjoy the facilities of 60 days money back guarantee.

Reseller Hosting Plan:

By the name “Reseller”, you can get an idea about the whole package I guess. It eventually means you can get the plan at a wholesale price then you can host other 3rd parties by selling the product. This is to done to get an amount of profit. If you are to earn something then this package is best for you. Not only because it is reasonable but also you can get maximum features out of this reseller package.

  1. You will receive 120 domain extensions to host and also the registering process can never be that easy.
  2. It will help to save time and money at a time.
  3. The pricing is also different. The standard package usually costs $19.95, the enterprise package $34.95 and the professional package usually costs $49.95 per month.
  4. The domains are free in this plan and also the WHM/cPanel is free in every reseller plan.

VPS Hosting Plan:

VPS hosting plan is perfect for them who wanted traffic in their websites. It’s perfect for those who have business website with highest speed and bandwidth.

  1. The pricing of VPS hosting plan varies from $35.95 to $116.95.
  2. The SSD speed also varies. It varies from 40GB to 160GB.
  3. Detail monitoring of the administrative team so that you can perform or enjoy the blazing speed and unmatched reliability.
  4. With no costing method you can restore your previous data if somehow accidently it’s deleted. They are keeping snapshots of your data and encrypt it for your safety issues.
  5. Maintaining own server is not an easy task. You can also run complex software like nginx, LiteSpeed or APC.

Cloud Hosting:

Some online business or websites require higher amount of space, speed and bandwidth. Cloud hosting ensures such kind of facilities. Cloud hosting usually depends on the monitoring activities of more than one server.

  1. Due to optimal caching configuration your website’s image will load way faster.
  2. 20 times faster data access capability and 30 times speed data spinning drive is making it more professional.
  3. You will be provided the facilities of SpamExperts and also website built firewall to protect your data from breaching.
  4. CloudFare CDN on and off switch ensures improve speed limitations.
  5. Free backup and restoration and you will be given the outmost technical support for your websites.
  6. The pricing of cloud hosting start from $5.85 to $10.85 with 60 days money back guarantee.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

This hosting plan is way larger than you think. It is specially made for to meet the requirements of blazing speed, bandwidth and unlimited speed. The speed limitations and also the bandwidth speed are way advanced than of imagination.

  1. If you need full root access than TMD server team can arrange you that particular option.
  2. Data and software replicates, to avoid such action you can easily tailored them as your need.
  3. Price of dedicated server is high because the speed and bandwidth limitations are unimaginable.
  4. Different SSD is available if you are doing any input/output work.
  5. Cisco Guard Firewall is protecting your website from other prying eyes.


No matter what time is it and what premises you are, you can easily have technical support which is provided by TMD. TMD always has its own genius team to work.

The response time is within 15minutes. You can easily gather a ticket and gain the lining method to get help. Their monitoring vision is high as they are continuously monitoring your data and helping you out. TMD is precise in their work. Their regular in house training and workshop is making them superior.

TMD hosting is providing different ranges of hosting service for each customers own requirements. You can give it a try and I promise you won’t regret.


Arvixe Coupon Code 2020- Grab Today’s Best Deal!

Competition is everywhere along with this there’s competition in the hosting market as well. Since 2003, Arvixe maintained the first position in the hosting market for reliability, affordability and supported features. With so many awards in their pocket they are maintaining their glory and people are rushes everyday to purchase arvixe hosting for their personalized and professional looking website. We all love to avail coupon for whatever we purchase. You are probably roaming here and there for Arvixe coupon code. Don’t worry there’s a great news for you. You will receive utmost discount or coupon code if you follow our referral link. If you follow our referral link you will receive up to 60% discount. Stay tuned to learn more about Arvixe.


1. Follow our referral link and one dialogue box will appear. Copy the code from the box.
2. You will be automatically directed to the arvixe website. Now you can choose your desired plan of your choice and click on the black dialogue box written “Order Now”.
3. Choose your desired plan and make sure you are purchasing the right package of your choice.
4. Enter you billing information and personal information and if you want you can add additional information or add-ons.
5. In the end you will see an empty dialogue box to enter coupon cope. Now Paste the Code you copied from the referral link which was mentioned earlier in the Step-1.
6. You will receive your discount and now finally press the “Place Order” button to purchase Arvixe Hosting.


The main motto of Arvixe is that “Arvixe will put the freedom of the World Wide Web at the fingertips of every client”. Since 2003, Arvixe is working hard and soul to make their hosting company the number one. They received many awards from the Web Hosting Geeks or Inc Magazine for their relentless service in the hosting market since 2003. They also received many awards for the highest uptime server, Best ASP.Net hosting and also for best Hyper-V VPS Hosting. Arvixe is maintaining a balanced management which is ensuring affordable pricing list to its customers so that they can attain their level of satisfaction by using specific project requirements without any obvious hassle. Based on the state California, the Company has many categories of their own. They have plans for personal usage, business class, reseller, dedicated server and also VPS class. Three words comprises of arvixe is that unmatched reliability, quality and affordability.

Advantages of using Arvixe

99% Guaranteed Uptime

This is one of the important features that you needed to have in your pocket. If you are running a website than the most crucial thing be like you can’t be offline. If you do so, than you will lose many of your customer and also your sales will turn up to be doomed. Arvixe is offering the guaranteed 99.9% uptime so that you never lag behind in your work.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are feeling insecure about using the Arvixe hosting than you can make refund of your amount what you have spent within 60 days of your purchase. No queries will arise against your actions and this type of service is rare now-a-days.

Free website Transfer

Whenever you are moving your website arvixe is there to help you in your most needed time. They will assist you and will make sure that they are transferring your whole set of data without any dilemma. And the exciting part they won’t charge you any fees for this service. Even you don’t have to be more dramatic in working with arvixe. It’s so simple and trouble free that you can easily sign up to your account just within a click.

SSL certificate

If you are maintaining an e-commerce website than SSL certificate is a much needed thing. To maintain a balance between each activity you need to take proper care of your website. Safe and secure environment is provided which ensures reliability. Speed factor is also a major part which is also quite convenient with such an affordable pricing.

Technical support

Facing trouble at the time of installation, no worries, Arvixe’s technical support is stand by in your dire time. You will be provided non-stop support to make your work effortless.


Personal Plan & Pricing

Arvixe web hosting first plan is their personal web hosting which is a favorite to the people whom just began their website for personal issues or for your managing business. Since 2003, arvixe is serving people with Linux shared web hosting with an affordable price range and also unmatched reliability. Either you wanted to host WordPress or Drupal they all can run Linux web hosting. Arvixe is also providing world class high quality windows hosting plan. There are two divisions in the personal plan. One is Personal Class ASP and other one is Personal Class Pro hosting. The basic difference between these two is the pricing and the domain these serves. Personal Class includes 6 websites domain for the price of $4 and the Personal Class Pro contains unlimited domains for the price of $7. You can also get unlimited data storage, unlimited data transfer and also free lifetime domain name. You can also add priority support for the price of $20 a month and SSL certificate for the price of $25 a year.

Business hosting Plan and Pricing

By the word business it’s clear that if you wanted to establish your business you can go for the Business hosting plan. To create a safe, secure and grown up business you can purchase the Business Class hosting by $22 a month but you can get unlimited domain website if you upgrade to Business Class Pro hosting plan and it will cost you only $35 a month.

Reseller Hosting Plan and Pricing

Reseller class basically means that you wanted to sell our well known award winning hosting. You can eventually sell Arvixe hosting plans and can manage it without any hard and soul knowledge. In the reseller class you will receive 500GB data transfer limitation and 50GB disk space and the price is only $20 a month. If you upgrade to Reseller Class pro than you can get 200GB of disk space and also 2000GB of data transfer facilities at a price of $50 per month.
WHM control panel is so easy to use that you can effortlessly create a hosting account by giving username, password and a domain name. Both division of service includes free domain name for life and also free SSL certificate.

VPS Class Hosting Plan & Pricing

VPS class eventually means your own virtual private server. In this class you can get awesome work quality of the dedicated servers. You can own your own server and also you can get the facilities of the dedicated server. VPS class hosting was designed between the shared hosting and the dedicated server. By spending $40 a month you can get full management, 50GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1.5 memory, 4 CPU cores and 2 IP addresses in the VPS Class. If you wanted to spend a bit more than you can get 100GB disk space, full management, unlimited Data transfer, 3 memory, 8 CPU cores and 2 IP addresses in VPS Class Pro. VPS Class Pro will cost you $70 a month. Extra space, priority support, R1 soft backup and additional RAM per GB, all these add-ons are available in the VPS Class.

Dedicated Server Plan & Pricing

Dedicated server class is introduced for those who wanted to get the best out of their hosting plan. This services starts from $128 a month to $357.5 a month. If you want economical server with low traffic need then you can go for cloud hosting. It usually starts from $108.
According to the context we can conclude that Arvixe Web hosting is one of the best hosting company now-a-days. Arvixe ensures huge uptime with reliable network source to it’s customers.

Digitalocean New Coupon code 2015- $50 free credit offer

If you are in search of a trustworthy web hosting, than Digital Ocean is one the best choice for the Web developers.it is one of the best webhosting that can satisfy you in every aspect. Buying digital ocean hosting is absolutely a great decision.

When we are buying a product from either market or online, we wish to get any kind of discount, price reduction or coupon which will benefit us to save some amount from our pocket. Digital Ocean, by thinking over those webmasters gave an opportunity of some credit facilities. It is for your betterment that you need not to look for any coupon code in any search engine to get the discount or credit facility; you just need to follow the Digital Ocean promo link to obtain the $10 credit absolutely free.some website may confuse you by offering $20 discount but that’s absolutely a fake offer.

You are just one step behind from discount :

Its very easy to get your $10 discount.
1.You just need to click our promo link.
2.A page will appear where you need to creat a account by entering your email adress and choosing a passward.
3.now check you email where you will get $10 discount.


Tech world is getting highly developed with the pace of time and in this era Smartphone, laptop, notepad etc is a must for us, as we are all hypnotized with the entire tech world. In tech world a common term is often used by our Webmasters, Hosting. It is the core of any technological establishment.

Digital Ocean is a cloud based online hosting company. If you want complete control over your website, you need to think carefully and Digital Ocean is the most reliable source in this case. Digital Ocean is providing you with the most convenient cloud hosting which helps to manage your server in the most flourishing way. As it is a reliable company, we hereby recommending you to buy Digital Ocean web hosting and by choosing Digital Ocean you can get $10 credit.

Digital Ocean offers all of our clients with such extraordinary facilities. Those are:
▷ 55 seconds provisioning.
▷ SSD hard drives.
▷ Lithe Control panel.
▷ KVM virtualization.
▷ Tier-1 bandwidth.

Digital Ocean is serving you with the aforesaid features which are enabling them to be the best amongst the hosting companies.


Before going to rely on a hosting you consider a lot of things and features which are provided by the hosting companies. You came about with an idea that Digital Ocean provides cloud hosting. Cloud hosting helps to build a strong web infrastructure, which is quite simple and supple. Why will you choose Digital Ocean? This question can come to your mind. Here are some reasons for this.


In Digital Ocean, the cloud technology helps to launch the server within 55 seconds. Within a few clicks you can easily arrange up the server set up and you will be surprised that it will give you a soothing calmness because it is that much easy.


It will definitely help you to save money rather than any other hosting companies. Digital Ocean is offering many extraordinary packages with such lower price level and if you follow the promo link you can also save $10 credit. Sometimes, your monthly bill increases unnecessarily, Cloud hosting helps to provide you with greater bandwidth benefit, which helps to demise the sudden bill strike.


If you are willing to speed up your server, then Digital Ocean must be an excellent choice for you. By using Digital Ocean you can enlarge or trim down your server data plan. Cloud hosting helps you to your daily requirements.


Your websites is your master place or your dream come true factor. Cloud hosting helps server by isolating every server. There is more than one server present. It gives you a relaxation in you workplace.


After reading the aforesaid matter, you can guess about a thing that you can customize your server as per your wish. Cloud hosting gives you an opportunity to make your website to look the paramount. You can choose your own content if you use Digital Ocean as your unswerving friend.


Digital Ocean can be called as your secure tyro. The Cloud technology gives you a secure featuring system. Your data and other precious information are kept in safe custody through backup and other system. It also gives you backup, in case you are having a hardware failure.

You may have got an obvious and succinct idea about Digital Ocean. You spend a lot on other sectors. You should Give Digital Ocean a try. It’s worth your conviction and money also.