SEMrush Coupon Code (November 2020) – Special 30 Day Trial Offer

Data is big news for your business. There’s a wealth of data out there. You can find data on everything from social media behavior to what people are searching for online. As a business owner or manager, being able to harvest and understand data is key to helping your business succeed – by using data to better understand your market, competition and customers, you can refine your business offerings to be even more successful.

That’s where SEMRush comes in. SEMRush is an advanced analytics tool that helps you to analyze keyword research so you can get a better idea of what is working in your niche, and what your competitors are doing. With no download necessary, a SEMRush subscription means you can analyze keywords and get rich, helpful analytics from the comfort of your tablet, laptop or phone no matter where you are, keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening and what your competitors are doing. Even better, SEMRush are currently running a free 14 day trial so you can see for yourself how useful their data tools are without paying a single cent.

How To Get Your SEMRush Free Trial

  1. First, sign up for a free SEMRush account using the “Register (free)” link on the SEMRush home page.
  2. Now, simply visit [insert link here] where you’ll find your shopping basket already contains a SEMRush Pro membership for $0.
  3. Fill out your membership email and password and your payment details, and you’re ready to enjoy your free 2 week SEMRush trial.

Please note that the free trial is for a recurring monthly subscription, so in the event you’re not delighted with SEMRush’s comprehensive analytics results, get in touch with them for a free and easy cancellation before your first payment is taken.

SEMRush Pricing Packages

SEMRush offers three pricing packages:

  1. Pro ($69.95 monthly). A Pro account gives you 3000 reports per day with 10000 results per report. You can run 5 projects at a time and track up to 500 keywords.
  2. Guru ($149.95 monthly). A Guru account gives you 5000 reports per day with 30000 results per report. You can run 50 projects at a time and track up to 1500 keywords. You’ll also get access to branded PDF reports and historical data.
  3. Business ($549.95 monthly). A Business account gives you 10000 reports per day with 50000 results per report, for up to four users each. You can run unlimited projects and track up to 6000 keywords. IN addition to branded PDF reports and historical data, you’ll also get product listing ads.

SEMRush Features

SEMRush offers a wealth of features that you can use to help grow your business and better target your keywords to be picked up by search engines, helping you to get found and stand out from the competition:

  • Organic keyword research to help you understand which keywords work best, what success other people in your niche are having with keywords, and how different keywords compare to each other in terms of search rankings.
  • Insight into your competitors’ most successful advertising campaigns, including budgets and targeted keywords, to help you understand where your ad campaigns are working and where you can make improvements.
  • Advertising data to show you the top advertisers and help you understand which adds, headlines, and media are generating the most attention and conversions.
  • Product listing ad statistics for online sellers, giving you an overview of what is getting good rankings and attracting customers for your competitors.
  • Backlink analysis so you can see at a glance where links to your site are coming from, and what kind of quality they are.

Dedicated Customer Support

SEMRush offers powerful tools backed up by great customer support. They never outsource their customer service, and a dedicated team is available by email or phone during office hours every weekday. Their dedicated team can help you with anything you may need, including easily upgrading or downgrading your account. Not to mention that SEMRush offers a 7 day money back guaranteed if you’re not delighted with the analytics they provide.

If you want to know what is working for your competition and how you can better target keywords to get the conversions, sales and visitors you want, check out SEMRush today. Don’t forget to follow our promo link to try SEMRush for free.

Tweet Adder Coupon Code -100% Working Discount

Hello there! Do you tweet much? Ok, ok, of course you do; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. Would it be fair to assume that you’re looking to expand your twitter follower base? It would? Great. One of the best things on the market right now that can help you gain more followers than you’ve ever dreamed of is the Tweet Adder. It’s ok, we know what you’re going to say: “oh, but that’s just another proprietary software package designed to drain money from my pocket”. Well…you couldn’t be more wrong.

Now, you’re probably thinking “ok, how does this miracle Coupon Code work?” That’s a great question, friend. Bear with us for a little while and you’ll find out.

How to use tweet adder coupon code

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