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Now you’re ready to make your website more beautiful and functional than ever.

If you’re looking for a beautiful theme for your website, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are in charge of a multi national business, a small online business, or even a personal blog, the right theme matters. Luckily Elegant Themes offers over 80 beautiful and professionally designed themes in several different categories, so you can find the perfect theme for you.

elegant themes lifetime discount code

Ever wanted to give your same old WordPress page a whole new visual outlook? It is now possible with Elegant Themes, which is developed by Nick Roach, who is a premium theme developer and founder of all the themes on the website elegantthemes.com. The best part of Elegant Themes is undoubtedly the sheer variety of themes that the website has on disposal. Whether you are a single user or happen to run an online business, this theme club has every possible type of theme and that too at very affordable rates.

The website has become so popular in recent times that many people cannot even talk about WordPress themes without mentioning the role of Elegant Themes in building those websites.

Features of Elegant Themes

1.Unmatched design:

The creative heads at Elegant Themes consider designing themes for WordPress as their passion, because of which they excel in making every detail unique and unparalleled regarding artistic direction. You can choose to beautify your website, make it look simpler, or give it a professional edge to make your business become instantly appealing to a wide range of potential customers.

2.Advanced customization and features:

Elegant Themes has got an extensive collection of Templates, Short-codes, and options for themes that give you full power on customization of your website. You will get dozens of handy features that will allow you to unleash your full potential and give your website the winning zest.

3.Browser compatibility:

The company makes sure that all their themes are functional with the modern web browsers. This means that you can get free control over many applications and functions if you use Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and many other commercially popular browsers. Elegant Themes understands the importance of good performance and promises to bring you more visitors.

4.Frequent updates:

Every theme is frequently updated to maintain their compatibility with latest versions of WordPress. As a member of Elegant Themes, you get complete access to every possible theme update that will allow you to gain peace of mind knowing that your website will be functioning smoothly as usual.

5.Unmatched customer support:

The company is dedicated to bringing top class tech support that is well versed in WordPress functions. Regardless of your problem or the experience you have in dealing with those problems, the dedicated support staff is always available to make sure your blog reaches out to as many people as possible, without experiencing any technical hitches.

What’s unique about the graphics of Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes has earned its popularity by making high-resolution, extremely well-designed graphics and a large number of color schemes. This means you get over 80 choice of themes and color customization’s, which will allow you to mix and match the design aspects and give your website the look that you always desired.

If you run a professional website, then various types of pre-designed and custom themes are available to make the viewers feel comfortable and encourage them to visit again. Starting from the header that makes the first impression to interesting font combinations that keep the viewers glued to their screen, almost every tool is available at your disposal to give your website a unique identity.

Elegant Themes has done a tremendous job of maintaining a balance between amazing customizability and top notch visual design that guarantees to give your website a makeover that it rightly deserves. You can choose to get a particular color combination either by using building options or take a more technical approach by using codes to achieve the perfect shade. Make every project stand out by customizing it to the minutest details.

Elegant Themes plug-ins

The Developer and Lifetime Packages also include access to Elegant Themes’ range of clever plugins:

  1. Bloom, for adding customizable email forms to your website
  2. Monarch, for boosting your social media shares
  3. HandHeld, for making any website mobile friendly (important for customers on the go!)
  4. Elegant Page Builder, for even easier site building with drag and drop functionality
  5. Maintenance Mode, for letting customers know that your site is coming soon
  6. Elegant Shortcodes, for making the most of Elegant Themes’ shortcodes, even on themes by other developers

High-quality theme designs are not the only thing this company develops. Elegant Themes also has some amazing plug-ins for WordPress that gives you the power to carry out both essential and advanced customizing features.


This is a plug-in that quickly transforms your website into a mobile friendly version that can be accessed via any mobile. This plugin gets rid of the need of sitting through hours of boring coding sessions and makes your website accessible and functional from various mobile devices.

Elegant Shortcodes:

You can easily use Elegant Themes Shortcodes to any other third party WordPress theme using this plug-in. Unlike other companies, Elegant Themes does not put a restriction on its Shortcodes and how it can be used by you.

Elegant Page Builder:

As the name is pretty self-explanatory, this plug-in lets you create page layouts of advanced quality for your site. All you need to do is to drag and drop different elements and save it when satisfied.


this unique plug-in helps you to generate hype about your upcoming web page by helping you make a kick-ass ‘Coming soon’ page. The Maintenance Mode plugin, which is responsible for helping you create the Coming Soon page can also be used to collect email addresses from visitors, and also give your social profiles on Facebook and Twitter more traffic by redirecting the visitors.

Pricing and customer support

Elegant Themes offers three membership plans at extremely affordable rates. You can sign up for an entire year by paying just $ 69 for the Personal plan, $ 89 for developer plan, and $ 249 for a lifetime access to every theme available. The difference between Personal and Developer plan is that you’ll be missing out on features like use of layered Photoshop files and completed access to all plug-ins in the Personal package. The customer support staff is comprised of helpful and courteous individuals who are dedicated to solving every issue that you may encounter while using features from Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes gives you complete access to the design and functions of your website and via affordable membership schemes, which you can choose according to your requirements. For those of you who want to use these themes on a client’s website, Elegant Themes assures you unrestricted access to a wide selection of features that can be used in both personal and website of clients. Whether you are a Webmaster, blogger, or a web developer, you must try this out at least once and find out about the myriad of advantages that you never knew existed.

Why Choose Elegant Themes?

The look of your website is part of what determines the first impression visitors get of you and your business. Elegant Themes will make your website look professional. Here are just some of the reasons you should choose Elegant Themes:

  1. Elegant Themes are designed with beautiful simplicity in mind, making it easy for you to create a website that is welcoming.
  2. Themes are easy to customize using shortcodes and theme options, so you can get your website looking exactly as you want it with no coding experience.
  3. A dedicated premier support forum, staffed with Elegant Themes experts who are there to help you with whatever you need.
  4. Extensive documentation to make learning your way around Elegant Themes a cinch.•User friendly control panel means you’ll be up and running in no time.
  5. 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not 100% delighted with your purchase.
  6. A wide range of themes designed especially with businesses like yours in mind, including themes designed to be perfect for blogs, businesses, personal sites, Tumblr logs, multimedia displays, apps and more.

If you want your website to be its best, Elegant Themes can help you. Sign up today using our promo links to take advantage of up to 25% off.