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Web hosting is crucial in terms of building a website that will ensure the success of your uphill struggle. Different hosting plans are available to meet your special requirements. We have one hosting company in our mind that is maintaining a good harmony between the customer and its own maintained team. The company itself is providing 50% discount on a purchase of hosting plan for one year. You will find the discount code link through our referral bar. TMD hosting ensures lightening fast service with fully dedicated customer support and modules.Buy Tmdhosting with tmdhosting coupon code.


With only one data center facility, TMD hosting started its work on 2007. They expanded their data center Arizona, Texas and Illinois. They developed one data center also in Netherlands and hopping to do better in near future. Their operating management system is using cold airflow and reduced bypass airflow to the server cabinet to ensure green environment. They are proud to announce that they are environment friendly company.



The process of purchasing TMD hosting is quite usual and trouble-free. Below I will give a general idea about purchasing a plan. The rest of the plan purchasing process is almost same.

  1. Click on the recommended Bar and a significant new window of the official page will pop up. It will show you the offers and terms in that window to choose your desired product.
  2. In the fully managed shared hosting you will be given two options to choose from. One “Amazing Package” and another one is the “Unlimited Package”. You can choose anyone as per your requirements. After that click on the “Sign Up now”.
  3. Now if you are new then you need one domain name or you can get a free domain name with all plans. The cost of domain name is not covered by the money back guarantee. After choosing desired option you can proceed
  4. Now enter your personal information and method of payment. You can pay via Debit/Credit card or PayPal. Now choose your billing period. As we are talking about the shared hosting plan then you can choose from monthly, yearly, 2 yearly and 3 yearly.
  5. Now, you can choose the extra services which are provided by TMD hosting plan. If you have any active promo code you can apply at the last stage. Now press the Checkout button and you are ready to enjoy the best possible performance.


Hosting plans are made for the convenience of different kind of people. With the lowest possible rate they are engaging themselves in the main era of your success. Below we will try to discuss about hosting plan and the services that are providing.

Shared Web Hosting:

TMD is providing shared web hosting which is usually for the people who are the beginners in opening their own website. Shared web hosting costs $2.85 per month with the feature of high speed, free domain, free SSD, free daily backup and restore. If you are not a beginner then you can easily transfer your existing, zero downtown and free database compensation. You can also enjoy the facilities of 60 days money back guarantee.

Reseller Hosting Plan:

By the name “Reseller”, you can get an idea about the whole package I guess. It eventually means you can get the plan at a wholesale price then you can host other 3rd parties by selling the product. This is to done to get an amount of profit. If you are to earn something then this package is best for you. Not only because it is reasonable but also you can get maximum features out of this reseller package.

  1. You will receive 120 domain extensions to host and also the registering process can never be that easy.
  2. It will help to save time and money at a time.
  3. The pricing is also different. The standard package usually costs $19.95, the enterprise package $34.95 and the professional package usually costs $49.95 per month.
  4. The domains are free in this plan and also the WHM/cPanel is free in every reseller plan.

VPS Hosting Plan:

VPS hosting plan is perfect for them who wanted traffic in their websites. It’s perfect for those who have business website with highest speed and bandwidth.

  1. The pricing of VPS hosting plan varies from $35.95 to $116.95.
  2. The SSD speed also varies. It varies from 40GB to 160GB.
  3. Detail monitoring of the administrative team so that you can perform or enjoy the blazing speed and unmatched reliability.
  4. With no costing method you can restore your previous data if somehow accidently it’s deleted. They are keeping snapshots of your data and encrypt it for your safety issues.
  5. Maintaining own server is not an easy task. You can also run complex software like nginx, LiteSpeed or APC.

Cloud Hosting:

Some online business or websites require higher amount of space, speed and bandwidth. Cloud hosting ensures such kind of facilities. Cloud hosting usually depends on the monitoring activities of more than one server.

  1. Due to optimal caching configuration your website’s image will load way faster.
  2. 20 times faster data access capability and 30 times speed data spinning drive is making it more professional.
  3. You will be provided the facilities of SpamExperts and also website built firewall to protect your data from breaching.
  4. CloudFare CDN on and off switch ensures improve speed limitations.
  5. Free backup and restoration and you will be given the outmost technical support for your websites.
  6. The pricing of cloud hosting start from $5.85 to $10.85 with 60 days money back guarantee.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

This hosting plan is way larger than you think. It is specially made for to meet the requirements of blazing speed, bandwidth and unlimited speed. The speed limitations and also the bandwidth speed are way advanced than of imagination.

  1. If you need full root access than TMD server team can arrange you that particular option.
  2. Data and software replicates, to avoid such action you can easily tailored them as your need.
  3. Price of dedicated server is high because the speed and bandwidth limitations are unimaginable.
  4. Different SSD is available if you are doing any input/output work.
  5. Cisco Guard Firewall is protecting your website from other prying eyes.


No matter what time is it and what premises you are, you can easily have technical support which is provided by TMD. TMD always has its own genius team to work.

The response time is within 15minutes. You can easily gather a ticket and gain the lining method to get help. Their monitoring vision is high as they are continuously monitoring your data and helping you out. TMD is precise in their work. Their regular in house training and workshop is making them superior.

TMD hosting is providing different ranges of hosting service for each customers own requirements. You can give it a try and I promise you won’t regret.