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Affiliate marketing can be a blessing if you are highly competent and also find a proper way to manage it. Affiliate marketing helps two persons at a time. If anyone buys any product through any affiliates, the affiliate and the company both shares the money among themselves. Post Affiliate Pro’s advanced tool makes it easier for you to run your affiliate business. If you are planning to purchase this tool then don’t worry we are here to provide you with maximum discounts. Follow our referral link and you will receive the desired coupon code and can have maximum price cut to work for a tool that is worth buying.

Post affiliate pro software helps you in many ways by engaging in your affiliate program. Managing affiliate market, target sales or monitor the daily activities can never be straightforward than this.

post affiliate pro coupon code

How to Use Coupon?

  1. Follow our referral link from above section. You will be directed towards the official website of PAP (Post Affiliate Pro).
  2. You will find three options to choose from. Basic, Professional or Ultimate. You can choose from these three.
  3. After choosing your desire plan click the option “Order Now”.
  4. Now fill out your product information, Billing information or Payment information.
  5. Below the product information enter your special coupon code that you will receive from our link.
  6. Voila! You are done. You will receive your desired discount and your favorite program.

What Actually PAP Does?

Sometimes you can get confused managing your affiliate programs or it becomes hard to trace down all sale information, payment criteria or other typical issues. Post affiliate pro is one helping hand of yours. They extensively help to gain access to new affiliates, choosing the best commission or payment, concentrating on the little detail which you can get from your affiliates. PAP helps you supervising all these with such an ease that you can concentrate in the core plan of your business. It traces all small detail and helps to attain a great deal of accomplishment in your work.

What options are available to choose from?

Basic Plan:

Basic plan is the first step. In this plan you will receive unlimited affiliates and 500,000 tracking request per month. You won’t receive the integration service or professional features. But you will get the maximum facilities by only $29 per month. You can also get many other services or add-ons but you have to pay a bit extra to receive your desire content.

Professional Plan:

Professional plan is better if you have large affiliate options. You will receive full features, 1,000,000 tracking request, along with professional services. You can also receive recurring or action commissions, site replication, and auto registering affiliate, multiple merchants, banner rotator and many more other services. You can get all these features at only $49 a month. Wait a bit! We are not done yet. You can also get 50% discount on this package if you purchase from our suggested referral link. Yes! You have heard it right. Professional plan is said to be the best value product in considering all the facts including the price also.

Ultimate Plan:

Ultimate plan carries all the features of professional and basic. It includes the extra feature name integration service with 10,000,000 tracking request per month. It will cost you around $99 per month. You will receive all other additional facilities if you are buying this plan.


Post affiliate pro has so many features and they are randomly upgrading their feature for everyone’s convenient. You can easily monitor and change your daily activity and also you can review features which are under development. Below we will try to cover up some features so that you can get a better idea before purchasing it.

User Interface:

Pro affiliate pro is based on up to date framework named as GwtPHP. This ensures a greater communication between the client and the server. You can easily communicate without any hindrance. It carries the magnificent language attribution which means the affiliates can easily use their native language to set up or moderate or manage their own things. PAP has come up with 16 different language categories. They are adding more for people’s expedient. They are giving opportunity so that you can design your own websites to give it your own unique look. They have also got pre determined theme selections for merchant and affiliate panel. The updated theme aero exactly gives the effect of desktop and you will find the side bars, menu button, gadgets and quick launch switch easily.

Facilities which you provide to your affiliates:

You can easily manage your affiliates through your own control panel. You can check back on your affiliates, review them, look out for their performance and also if you want you can reject their proposal. I love one particular facet, which is you can use multiple merchant’s user accounts in the same affiliate program. You can gain benefit in two ways. Their Forced Matrix system ensures that you can generate your own benefit. You can not only gather sales updates from the affiliates which are already in the program but also you can gain access to the sub- affiliates whom are personally not directed to you but stays within the program.


Post affiliate pro defines standard tracking with state of art tracking. It implements multiple tracking methods which ensure high quality and authentic tracking of your affiliates in the competitive market. Direct link click method is one awesome thing which is not available frequently. Also it carries many types of affiliate link methods which will give you with loads of options to choose from. You can obviously track the sales which are paying off with ease.

Protect your affiliate program from any fraudulent activities. PAP is here for monitoring any fraud motions. PAP allows affiliates with the traffic tracking method which is praise worthy for me. This SubID tracking or Ad channel tracking helps to get information about which of your promotional panel is paying off the right aspect.


Multiple tiers commissions are available in the post affiliate pro. Attract your customer towards your sales and also give them an opportunity to refer your product. Multiple campaigns can be created and you can track each campaign as per your wish and also can track them which are for your shop or products. You can set up your own commission chart different affiliates or you can reward them with their performance criteria. For your hosting or membership program you can choose recurring commission for your affiliates. You can also choose campaign type to ensure security.

Promotional features:

If you want to increase your sale than you can use promote image banner for your convenience. You can also create simple text links as your affiliates will like to make it simple. Flash banners are rich media type which helps to promote your website’s products which give direct website URL link. You can add images, banners or other issues by providing HTML. Zip banner, rebrand PDF or rotating banner features are available. You can use cover banner which is lucrative for promotional purpose or you can actively add coupon scanner banner which helps to encourage sales for your products.

Wait no more. Get your hands on the Post Affiliate Pro program to gain success at an early age.


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