SiteGround Coupon Code 2020 – Max Discount Guaranteed!

Getting exhausted for searching siteGround coupon code? Then no more hunt. Already you have reached the right place. Here you can get maximum discount on siteGround hosting. Actually there are no siteGround coupon codes for siteGround hosting. If any website offers Siteground coupon code then definitely it’s nothing but cheating. Without siteGround coupon code, still you can get guaranteed maximum discount on site ground hosting. You just need to click on the promo link and purchase your hosting package. We can give you up to 60% discount on regular price if you click our promo link.

Few words on SiteGround hosting:


If you are a passionate and very much aware about the security, wants almost 100% uptime of your website and technical support from the web hosting company then siteground is the right place for you. They can met your each and every requirements and make you a happy owner of your website. There user interface will amuse you. Their web security will give you a tension free web ownership.

Why siteground is different from others?

We don’t tell that, others web hosting companies are bad but siteGround is little bit different from them. Most of the companies pay attention only to the website’s speed but siteground pay attention both web speed and security. They believe, poor web security can spoil your hard work by a hacker. That’s why siteground gives highest security for your website. Their technical stuff work hard to prevent hacking. Security is the main concern and SiteGround actively works on this fact.


You will be given three package options where you can choose your desired one hosting plan.


First of all, understand what all the packages carry and what is suitable for you. Click onto the referral link which we have provided and you will be directed to the official website. Below brief about the three packages are given:

In startup package:

you will be given the facilities of 10000 visitors each month, free domain, free CloudFare CDN, 30 days money back guarantee and many a more services. For a newbie, this hosting is an angel. You can receive 60% discount if you follow our website referral link.

GrowBig package:

costs only $7.95 per month and it will provide you the premium features or more resources. People having a lots of websites usually wanted to hold account for hosting for different websites. The GrowBig packages mainly provide ultimate speed and also this one is featured with the Joomla & WordPress.

GoGeek package:

GoGeek package is especially featured for the heavily visited website where there’s load more traffic. It is best for the average sized e-commerce websites which have larger product line and this also includes server PCI compliance.


In the second step, click on the “get started” button after choosing the package and after that fill out the personal and payment information and you are done. Now you can enjoy your web hosting which is reliable and speedy.

SiteGround Hosting package:

SiteGround sell their hosting on four broad heading.

  1. Shared Web hosting.
  2. Cloud hosting.
  3. Dedicated Servers
  4. Reseller hosting

Few words about web hosting package and their price:

Shared Web hosting:

They can manage little number of visits to large number of unique visits. You can choose suitable package for your own blog, little business or growing online business even for large companies.


start up package:

If you are going to start a little business on online then this package is suitable for you. it will cost at $3.95 per month after using our promo link. If you are not using the promo link then you have to pay $9.95 monthly. This package provides single website, 10GB space and 10000 visits monthly.


Grow up package:

If you already decided to grow your business then go this package. It will cost $7.95 monthly. Without discount, price will be $14.95 monthly. This package supports multiple website, 20GB web space and 25000 visits monthly. This package is suitable if you want to enhance your business.


Go Geek package:

Package name says everything. It’s suitable for 100000 visits monthly. Package cost will be $14.95 monthly after discount by using our promo link. This package is suitable for multiple website and gives 30GB web space.


Cloud hosting package:

If you want ultra fast platform, daily backup, full managed servers and 24/7 VIP support then chooses their cloud hosting package. Their cloud hosting packages are in four categories. They are entry, businesses, business plus and enterprise. Their cloud hosting package starts from $54 to $126 per month. This price will be available only, if you click our Siteground promo link.


Dedicated Servers:

Though, dedicated servers are little bit costly than others hosting package but its best in its position. This package starts at $229 per month.


Reseller hosting package:

If you want to take siteground hosting as a business then reseller package is for you. Cost of this package is very low. You will get this package at $42 per year.

Joomla hosting package:

SiteGround also provide joomla hosting package. Joomla hosting package and price are same as the wordpress hosting package.

SiteGround is best for every web application:

Now a days, wordpress,joomla and magento are some popular web applications. SiteGround have special solution for these popular applications. You can choose any web application without any hesitation because siteGround can manage any of them.

What about customer’s opinion on siteGround hosting?

You will be amused after knowing the customers opinion. SiteGround obtain 4.97 rating out 5. All of their customers are happy to use siteGround hosting. You can choose siteground without any confusion because definitely it’s the ultimate web hosting solution. They treated their buyer very carefully and try to give 100% support from their side.

Is their customer support is best?

Yes! No doubt about their customer support center. They are very cooperative. They are 24/7 available for you. You can live chat with their customers support center. If you want to know any information like which package will be suitable for you then they will give you the perfect solution.

So if you want premium up time, speed, security, top data center and amazing interface then choose siteGround web hosting.


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