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There are so many coupon freaks out there that are constantly in search of a way to save money. It’s apparently a great thing to save money where you can. I know the coupon craving for anything you are willing to buy. I know you are here because you are looking for coupon code to buy Thrive theme.

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We have to convey with a sad tone that there’s no coupon code for thrive theme. Don’t get disheartened that easily thrive theme original website has some awesome deals and discounts that you won’t feel the absent of coupon code. Their website carries seasonal promotional discounts which will give you maximum savings.

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To make your website look perfect you are willing to pay any amount. In case you are investing on a thing where most of your success depends on the look of your website and also the ease of navigation. Thrive theme is special for the features and functional outcome. You can get almost maximum traffic, maximum sharing of your website, maximum sales if you are using thrive theme. They are collaborating with such experts who are constantly trying to make thrive theme the best one in the market with its functional behavior.



Before purchasing any plan you need to choose the package you are willing to buy. Obviously the membership license will give you much more savings than usual. If you follow our referral link you will notice the official website has already discount rate for the license holder.

  1. Thrive themes personal membership costs $127 at the beginning and will also costs $30 a month. You can have access to all of their themes and also you can get the chance of using their plug-ins. Unlimited websites of yours can have the chance to use thrive theme. Don’t you think the price is worthy enough? For your heart’s content let me remind you they are also offering a discount right now which means you can get the starting price at only $97 and monthly it will cost $20 only. It means you are eventually getting more than 20% discount.
  2. The agency membership provides you access to all themes and contents to unlimited websites for yourself and for your clients. You can also enjoy unlimited updates and support from the thrive theme team. It actually costs $197 at the beginning and $50 a month. For your enjoyment let me tell you now thrive theme is offering a special discount which means you can buy the agency membership plan by giving $147 at the beginning and $39 a month. Don’t you think it’s a huge savings for the price? They are offering wide range of facilities with such an affordable price.

After you have chosen your desired package you can now easily purchase the membership plan for your websites.

  1. Click “Add to Cart”.
  2. Fill out your email and password and fill out other information.
  3. Now choose the payment method. You can use PayPal, Visa Card, American Express, Master Card or Discover.
  4. Now you can check out.

You are done, now you can log into any themes and contents builder of your choice.


The more you see the more you can explore and get benefited from the thrive theme. If you wanted to make a professional look for your website than you can go with thrive theme in a blindfolded manner. Let’s see why you should choose thrive theme for your personal use or for your clients.


Career oriented person seems to find it difficult to establish their own websites and don’t know how to manage it. In this case Thrive Theme is the fastest way to establish conversion focused website. The Thrive page generator helps to create sales page or other desired pages within just a click.


We all know speed is one factor which will make your websites more reliable and frequently visited one for its clients. Thrive theme caries such amazing lightweight code which is said to be the fastest speed a theme company could carry.


Thrive theme is a smart choice for people as it holds the most reliable fonts, color composition and readable views. The quick response method is making them highly professional looking one. For me the excellent part is that you can customize your own websites by your unique choice. You can customize font, colors or layout for your own satisfaction.


You can add your most targeted focused area to highlight. In that manner people can see what they are looking for and will also keep themselves updated to the feature and sale which is going on in your websites. It will eventually increase your sale turnover.


Device responsiveness is one major thing to consider. Users of thrive theme reported that their websites look absolutely stunning whenever they are seeing it any devices. It can be mobile, Ipads or notebook. They have column layout system which fits automatically in any device screen size.


Thrive theme has such thin lean features that you can features which help to work for your plug-ins. The minimization of plug-ins is quite helpful as plug-ins tend to slow down your websites.


If you are beginner in website making than thrive theme will provide you video tutorial and also they will help you in your difficult moments. They also will make sure that you attend their training program so that you can understand the true meaning of establishing websites and will also understand how to build it as per your concern.


We people know very well that how difficult it is to publish through wordpress any types of articles or other tables. You can add any types of content table beautifully organized through thrive theme. You can add long posts table of content with just one click. This thing is very important for SEO. The drag and drop method is helping people customize their own websites as their own personal preferences. You can build custom made table for our gallery according to their name, date or latest updates.


  1. Calls to Action button is one awesome feature in thrive theme.
  2. Column layout method is one mobile responsive system which helps users to roam around your website without any hassle.
  3. Content builder contains highlighted sections which will help your customers to find out the updated news or important features. This will make your website look more decent and organized.
  4. Most exciting part is that you will get an alarm countdown for any special offer which is already running on your websites.
  5. Your client will get instant beautifully designed testimonials which will increase your sales turnover.
  6. Thrive theme lead page will give you a boosting experience on the email list.
  7. You can add YouTube videos or self made videos which will eventually increase your sales.
  8. You can add search engine optimized mark and also star rating button so that your client can rate your work eventually will help you to understand what is the lacking.

Having all these features in one Theme Company with this type of affordable range will make your business a profitable one. You can add or customize, drag or drop easily to build your unique style or fashion with the help of thrive theme.

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